We have helped and are helping dozens of well-known organizations, companies, and agencies in Colorado and in other states to develop meaningful, culturally relevant interactions with the Hispanic/Latino community.

We do understand the diversity, multilingual, and multi-generational reality of our community. If you would like to talk with us about our services, please contact us.


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About Project Vision 21

Project Vision 21, established in Feb. 1997, with main offices in Aurora, Colorado, is a debt-free, DBE (MBE/H), and SBE certified, bilingual news and service agency.

We provide daily news and information, in English and in Spanish, about the Hispanic community in Colorado and neighboring states, for  local, regional, and national media outlets.

We also offer consulting services in many different areas, including translations, media services, and training, both for private business and community organizations, and for large government agencies working with or reaching to the Hispanic community.


- KUSA 9News, Denver, CO

- Children’s Museum of Denver  

- Viva Colorado (Denver Newspaper Agency)

- RTD FasTracks, Denver, CO

- EFE News Agency

- Many other corporations and nonprofit organizations

About Francisco Miraval

Francisco is a philosopher, writer, and journalist. Born in Argentina, he lives in the United States since 1994 and is now an American citizen. He is the Founder and President of Project Vision 21, a bilingual news and information service agency, with main offices in Aurora, Colorado. He holds degrees in education, philosophy, and Biblical studies. He is now a candidate for a PhD in Philosophy.

Currently, Francisco is an independent reporter writing daily for EFE News Agency. He also teaches at Colorado Christian University and at Colorado Heights University, and he is the Program Director of the U.S. Hispanic Christian Chamber of Commerce Foundation (a volunteer position). He previously served as a board member and director of communications for the Chamber of the Americas and was board member of several other local and national organizations.

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